Textbook Services


Purchase and Collection of Textbooks


During every start of Spring and Fall term, the textbook supplier will arrange and operate a temporary campus Textbook Service Point at the University’s designated venue for a period of 3 to 4 weeks.


For textbooks which have been ordered through the online textbook service system, collection of books is available there.


To view the schedule and venue of Textbook Service Point for the latest term, please click here.


Online Ordering Service for Students


It starts right before every start of spring and fall term and will last for few weeks. Timely announcement is to be made through mass email regarding the detailed schedule.


Students can click HERE to place their online textbook order in the mentioned period of time.


Textbook Adoption Service for Faculties


Faculties and departmental staff concerned can prepare, request and verify their adopted textbook order list HERE.  Based on the adopted textbook information input and provided in the system, the textbook supplier may order and ship the required textbooks for students before each term.


Looking for Assistance and General Enquiry


You may contact the textbook supplier at 2776-4336 during office hours or send email to cpust@supretail.com.hk