Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

  • We envision a university campus in which a variety of healthy and flavorful food is available to every student and staff, everywhere.


Our Mission

  • To support the health and well-being of every member of the campus community with nutritious, safe, and delicious foods, using the freshest and most sustainable ingredients available on the market and offering them at affordable prices.
  • To provide exceptional value to students and staff with attentive and efficient service in a relaxed dining environment.


Our Values

  • We believe in connecting with our teammates, our users, and service providers to create respectful relationships and to ensure trust and transparency in all aspects of our operations.
  • We are committed to developing better foods that are made with the highest possible quality ingredients, full of flavor, and safe.
  • We combine culinary expertise with user research and food technology, so we may continue to offer different healthy and flavorful food options that are well-accepted by students and staff from all over the world.
  • We endeavor to work with our service providers to operate every campus catering facility in a safe and hygienic manner, embedding sustainable development principles and practices into all aspects of our management and daily operations.


Our Standards

We have implemented the ISO22000 management system, which is a globally recognized standard for managing food safety. It outlines the necessary requirements for a food safety management system that must be in place for a food organization to guarantee the safety of the food it produces. The standard was formulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is intended to encompass any entity involved in any stage of the food supply chain, from primary production to end consumption. These international standards are also applicable to the following dining establishments:

  • China Garden Restaurant
  • Asia Pacific Catering
  • Gold Rice Bowl
  • Oliver's Super Sandwich

Through the practice of the utmost standards in the university, we ensure that all individuals can relish a dining environment that is free of hazards.