Sustainability Program

Moving Forward to Elimiate Plastic Straws



Plastic straws are used once, then discarded. Many are destined for landfills, but others find their ways into streams, rivers, and eventually the ocean where they become choking hazards to marine animals and leach toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans.

To strengthen our contribution to environmental protection, all full-service restaurants in HKUST, including the Chinese restaurant, UC Bistro & Unibar, and Unique have joined a growing movement to eliminate the use of plastic drinking straws.

In addition, beginning this semester, all LG7 fast food outlets will be using paper straws (except specialty drinks) while Grab-n-go outlets, such as, Ebeneezer's and Subway, will no longer offer plastic straws. The Starbucks has also started to use the newly designed "strawless lids" for all the iced drinks (except Frappuccino). For the remaining outlets, for examples, the LG1 restaurant, LG5 McDonald's and restaurant at LSKBB, "No Straw Day" will be held on a weekly basis and catering staff will not take the initiative to give out any plastic straws.

We will keep on working in this direction with the ultimate goal of removing plastic straws from our campus, however, could not make great progress without your active participation. So, starting today, make a personal commitment to say "no" to plastic straws, Whenever ordering a drink, politely request "no straw, please.". Encourage your friends and family to take the pledge, too.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.



Extra Charges for Takeaway Orders & Discount for BYOC and Less Rice
Our eating habits have significant environmental impact. It is a key driver of climate change. To promote the practice of “use less, waste less”, with the joint efforts of most caterers on campus, we launch the following campaign to save our earth:
Outlets Extra Charges for Take Away Order    Bring Your Own Container (BYOC)*     Less Rice (less 1/3 of the rice portion)
Meal Box (incl. takeaway bag) Cutlery Takeaway
Paper/Plastic Bag
Box Cup  
Starbucks N/A N/A N/A N/A -$4 (for handcrafted drink)
-$1 (for using of Muuse Cups)
China Garden +$1  +$1 N/A N/A N/A N/A
LG1 Restaurant +$1 +$1 N/A -$1* (for Siu mei with Rice & Two Dishes Set Meal only) N/A -$1* (for Siu mei with Rice & Two Dishes Set Meal only)
LG7 Asia Pacific +$1 +$1 N/A -$1* (except those pre-portioned dish, for example, baked rice & spaghetti and steamed rice)  N/A -$1* for Rice dish (except those pre-portioned dish, for examples, baked rice & spaghetti, and steamed rice)
LG7 Gold Rice Bowl +$1 +$1 N/A -$1* (for Rice dish with two toppings) N/A -$1* (for Rice dish with two toppings)
LG7 TT Veggie +$1 +$1 N/A @ -$1 @ -$2 N/A
Oliver's Super Sandwiches N/A +$1 +$1 N/A N/A N/A
Passione N/A N/A +$1 -$1* (for Pasta, Risotto and Fresh Casserole) -$1* (for Handcrafted Drink, incl. the drink of Lunch Combo-Meal) N/A
Hungry Korean +$1 (excl. takeaway bag) +$1 +$1 N/A N/A N/A
American Diner +$2 @ -$2* @ -$2* (for Handcrafted Drink, incl. the drink of Combo-Meal) -$1* (incl. rice or spaghetti)
Pacific Coffee N/A N/A N/A N/A -$3 for BYOC and using of Muuse Cup (for Handcrafted Drink) N/A
LSK Restaurant +$1 +$1 N/A -$1* (for Siu mei with Rice & Two Dishes Set Meal only) N/A -$1* (for Siu mei with Rice & Two Dishes Set Meal only)
Seafront Cafeteria +$1 (excl. takeaway bag) +$2 -$1 (for rice & spaghetti dishes) N/A -$1 (for rice & spaghetti dishes)
UniBistro +$1 +$1 N/A N/A N/A N/A

* The maximum discount of each transaction (BYOC and "Less Rice") is $1 / $2 (for American Diner)

@Please place order at cashier counter 


Please take note that the above food items and discount offers are subject to change without prior notice.