Single-Use Plastic Ban in Campus Food Outlets (with effect from 22 April)


Hong Kong is implementing a significant measure to combat waste by introducing a ban on certain types of single-use plastic. Under the new regulations, which will come into force tomorrow (April 22), restaurants including all campus food outlets will no longer be allowed to offer customers polystyrene products, disposable plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery or plates for dine-in and takeaway. The move will also extend to throwaway plastic cups, cup lids, food containers and their covers - but only for sit-down diners, not patrons who place takeaway orders at this stage of the implementation.

To further reduce the use of disposable tableware, be a conscious consumer, we have the following suggestions for you:

1. whenever possible, bring your own reusable cutlery and containers for takeaway orders. You may also get a discount for your orders from certain campus food outlets. Please visit here for details.

2.  when ordering food and beverage for sit-down or organizing catering events, take the initiative to ask the restaurant staff  (for example, at the Starbucks Coffee and the Pacific Coffee) to use reusable cutlery and containers if they have been made available.

Let's join hands in preserving the environment!