因應疫情,大學教科書網上訂購服務在新學期提前開始。由 19/1起,學生可點擊這裡 (網上訂購至30/4/2021 止) 或仍可直接前往校園的書店訂購教科書, 教授及教學部門職員亦可在這裡確認他們所選定的教科書單。如有查詢,請致電書店2358-6400 或電郵至

In view of the COVID-19 situation, the online textbook ordering service starts earlier for the Spring Term.  From 19/1, students can click HERE (online order until 30/4/2021) or go to the bookstore directly for textbooks order and payment. Faculties and departmental staff concerned can also verify their adopted textbooks list HERE. For inquiries, please call the bookstore at 2358-6400 or send email to