根據協理副校長於8月19日的電郵,除部份學科外,面授課堂會在9月1日恢復,為配合大家回到校園的需要,穿梭巴士亦會於當天重新提供全面服務。 因此,各位可適當地調整自己上班或上學時間此外,同學同事可考慮使用不同的交通工具往返校園,請參考以下訊息:  



  • 運輸署將會因應情況,在繁忙時間調整巴士班次並已經恢復91P特別車的服務,詳情請按此處;  
  • 安裝九巴的巴士到站時間系統(請按此處)或下載由本校校友研發的手機版到站時間系統 (USTransit),查看服務科大的小巴和城巴實時到站情況,詳情瀏覽此處 



  • 因應情,大學已經在原有班次上作出改動,外,巴士班次會根據實際需求而作出更改,請按此處瀏覽詳情
  • 1/9 起,請在登車時用手機向大學巴士司機出示有效的校園通行證,司機已被授權並會拒絕未能出示該校園通行者使用或留在巴士上, 查看校園通行證請按此處



  • 大學教職員可選擇乘搭教職員巴士,請按此處瀏覽詳情
  • 1/9 起,請在登車時用手機向大學巴士司機出示有效的校園通行,司機已被授權並會拒絕未能出示該校園通行者使用或留在巴士上,查看校園通行請按此處



  • 請各位留意在登車時司機會幫乘客量度體温,有關其他健康指引請按此處 


為方便各位前往李兆基校園,除原有的落客點外,所有早上回校的穿梭和教職員巴士亦會於校內網球場 5 - 6 對出停車處落客。 




In line with the email from the Associate Provost (Teaching & Learning) dated 19 August 2021 regarding the default mode for classes in the Fall, i.e. face-to-face,  the shuttle bus service will fully resume from 1 September 2021.  You are highly recommended to adjust your schedule returning to campus and refer to the relevant information below so as to reduce the possible influence to your campus arrival time.   


Public transport

  • Transport Department has scheduled to adjust the relevant bus schedule when necessary and has resumed the special trip of KMB 91P during peak hours.  Click here for details.
  • Install the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) app of KMB (click here) or download the ETA “USTransit” app developed by HKUST alumni team to view the estimated time of arrival for minibuses & CityBus serving HKUST.  Click here for details.


Shuttle buses

  • The schedule is subject to change depending on actual demand.  Please click here for details. 
  • From 1/9, you should present your Campus Access Pass (CAP) to the driver when getting on the bus.  Drivers' authorized to refuse users to take the service if they fail to present a valid CAP.  Please click here for details of CAP.


Staff buses

  • Staff members may take staff buses.  Please click here for details.  
  • From 1/9, you should present your Campus Access Pass (CAP) to the driver when getting on the bus.  Drivers' authorized to refuse users to take the service if they fail to present a valid CAP.  Please click here for details of CAP.


Health Guidelines

  • Each bus has equipped with device for checking body temperature of passengers when getting on the bus.  For other health guidelines, please click here. 


To provide convenience going to Lee Shau Kee Campus, all morning shuttle and staff buses will have second campus drop-off point outside Tennis Court 5 - 6. The original drop-off point at driveway remains unchanged.


For emergency escape from the shuttle bus, please refer to the "Ways of Emergency Evacuation".