Green Minibus Estimated Time of Arrival – USTransit app

The long-lasting question of “Where's my minibus?” can finally be answered! 

You may have got used to be stuck in the long queue of the green minibus (GMB) stops at Hang Hau, Ngau Chi Wan or the HKUST campus without knowing when your minibus is going to arrive.  

We understand the pain of standing in line, and we have been striving to seek smart solutions to help you plan your commute more effectively. Now, we are pleased to let you know that a new “USTransit” app developed by an HKUST team consisting of two alumni and a student will be able to ease your mind.

The team whom we have been working with has already installed the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) system for GMB no. 11, 11M, 11S & 12 operated under the same company. The technology will provide you with the actual time the minibus will arrive at your stop. To cater for HKUST members with special needs, the system can also be voice-navigated. The GMB operator has provided successive support and coordination in this project which has been endorsed by the Transport Dept. 

You are encouraged to download the app which is available now and can be run on iOS and Android devices. Please click here for details of the app.

Promotional booths will also be set up by the vendor at the concourse area from September 2 - 6 & September 9 -13 to demonstrate how the app works.