The government announced yesterday that drastic measures would be taken to tighten restrictions on food outlets in hopes of curbing the spike in cases of COVID-19.  The new measures will take effect on 10 December including but not limited to the followings:

  • Only takeaway (no dine-in) service from 6pm-4:59am;
  • Maximum 2 people allowed per table;
  • Maximum 50% seating capacity at food outlets;
  • Ensure there is a distance of at least 1.5 metres or effective partition(s) between tables;
  • Customers must wear masks before and after the meal, when he or she is away from the table, and when picking up their orders.

To help you perform social distancing and flexible mealtimes, with effect from 10 December (this Thursday), food outlets in G/F, LG1 and LG7 will be offering early dinner while the Chinese Restaurant and UniBistro providing takeaway and/or delivery services.  The starting time for serving dinner will be adjusted as follows:

  • Chinese Restaurant - 4pm
  • LG1 Restaurant - 5pm
  • LG7 Food Outlet 1 - 5:10pm
  • LG7 Food Outlet 2 - 4:30pm
  • LG7 Food Outlet 3 - 5pm

Please also see the takeaway menus of Chinese Restaurant and UniBistro and contact the restaurant managers for details of delivery services.  You may also visit here for update of operating hours of campus food outlets.

Stay alert and keep healthy.