In view of the latest development of the epidemic situation and in line with the University plans regarding resumption of work, most of the campus catering outlets will resume normal operations starting from next Monday, 7 September. Please visit here for details of their operating hours.

To help you perform social distancing by getting your hot meals for lunch without the need to enter a crowded food outlet, three temporary grab-n-go food counters will put into service starting next Monday at LT-A, LG1 and LG7. These counters will be operated from 11:30 to 14:00 on each working day. Alternatively, you may opt for placing your takeaway order by using the CSO online food ordering to reduce the time you spent in the food outlet.

Once again, to minimize unnecessary social contacts and avoid visiting crowded places, it is highly recommended that you pack your meal for work, buy takeaway food or adopt staggered meal times as far as practicable.

Stay alert, stay healthy.