Interim Catering Service 2021 - Fall Term

A. Temporary Food Booths outside:

Citi Lecture Theater (LT-A)


Operating Hours:  11:30 to 14:00, closed on Sat, Sun & PH 
Menu:   Hot meals (different choices of authentic Indian curry and SE Asian dishes) 
Operator:  The Sandwich Club Limited 

B. Extra Seating:

160 seats in two air conditioned marquees at LT-A courtyard



terrace outside the Chinese Restaurant



60 seats at rooftop terrace of the new extension of LG7 Restaurant


click here on how to access the rooftop


40 seats at courtyard next to School of Engineering



C. Free Shuttle Bus Services (Every working day during lunch hours)

Schedule: HKUST Piazza - > Layby outside Po Lam MTR station, Po Lam 12:35
  HKUST Piazza - > East Point City, Hang Hau 12:40 & 12:45
  LSK Business Building - > East Point City, Hang Hau 12:40
  East Point City, Hang Hau - > HKUST Piazza - > LSK Business Building 13:40, 13:45, 13:50
  Layby outside Po Lam MTR station, Po Lam  - > HKUST Piazza 13:45