Special Arrangements on Campus Catering Services - Summer Renovations


With the arrival of the summer break, construction activities will take place in 3 campus catering outlets: the LG5 seating area and McDonald's Restaurant will be closed in two phases for air conditioning system replacement and interior fit-out, the Coffee Shop at the Piazza will be relocated to the former bookshop area and the Seafront Cafeteria at Hall VI will undergo extensive renovation.  To reduce the inconvenience caused to users, the following arrangements will be made:


LG5 Seating Area and McDonald's Restaurant

The replacement of the air-conditioning system in LG5 seating area and interior fit-out of McDonald's Restaurant will commence from 30 May for completion on 4 August*.

  • 30 May - 12 June

    The section comprising McDonald's Restaurant, the 24-hour vending shop, and the LG5 seating area will be completely shut down to allow for hoarding installation.  Users will not be able to access to LG7 Restaurant via LG5 seating area until the construction of a temporary passage at LG5 is completed on 3 June.  During this period, users are recommended to use the staircase between LG5 and LG7 to get to LG7.


  • 13 June - 14 July*

    The McDonald's Restaurant will resume operation starting from 13 June offering takeaway services only.  For better crowd management, the self-ordering kiosks and online mobile ordering services of the McDonald's Restaurant will be temporarily suspended. Users will be required to place their orders at the cashier counters and may opt to enjoy their meals at the seating facilities located in the LG7 Restaurant (open until 11 pm daily from 13 June to 13 August*), the LG5 semi-outdoor area or the bridge link. 


  • 15 July* - 3 August*

    The McDonald's Restaurant will close again for interior fit-out; however, access to the LG7 Restaurant via the LG5 seating area will remain open.


  • 4 August*

    The McDonald's Restaurant and LG5 seating area will reopen with a refreshed appearance and enhanced features, including the resumption of self-ordering kiosks and online mobile ordering service.


Throughout the aforementioned period, the 24-hour vending shop will remain closed and the convenience store (7-Eleven) at LG5 will strengthen its services to accommodate any unforeseeable changes in the demand for campus catering services, particularly after dinner time.  Additionally, the supermarket (Fusion) at LG7 will remain its current opening schedule unchanged throughout the summer period (i.e. 08:30 - 24:00, Sun - Fri and 08:30 - 21:00, Sat & PH).  To alleviate the overcrowding situation that may happen in the LG5 temporary passage during peak hours, users are strongly advised to visit LG7 outlets by using the staircase between LG5 & LG7.


New Coffee Shop at the Piazza

Renovation for the new coffee shop at the former bookshop area will start from 30 May for completion by end of August 2023.  During this period, the existing coffee shop (Starbucks) will continue to provide normal services until 2 weeks before the opening of the new coffee shop.


Seafront Cafeteria at Hall VI

The Seafront Cafeteria will be closed for renovations from 13 June to 12 August.  To maintain the provision of late night snacks, during this period, the LG7 Food Counter #2 (Gold Rice Bowl) will extend its operating hours and offer a special menu until 23:00 (last order at 22:30), Monday to Saturday excluding public holidays. 


*tentative schedule


In the event of any additional disruptions to hours or services, the Campus Services Office will strive to provide as much notice as possible to mitigate impacts on staff and students.  We look forward to sharing further updates about these exciting projects throughout the coming weeks and months.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.