Fall Term - Online Textbooks Ordering Service 


大學教科書網上訂購服務已經開始。除了直接到書店選購外,現在同學可點擊這裡 (網上訂購服務至17/10/2022 止) 訂購新學期的教科書,教授及教學部門同事亦可在這裡確認他們所選定的教科書單。另外,根據現時合約,校園書店會營運至2022年10月31日,往後的課本銷售和派發服務會轉為營辦商在校園指定地點於學期初提供3-4星期的相關服務,至於營辦商的招標活動仍在進行中。而現時的課本選用和訂書系統會繼續沿用,如有需要,教授及教學部門同事也可聯絡該營辦商有關選定課本的安排,其他詳情稍後再公佈。  

如有查詢,請致電書店2358-6400 或電郵至cpust@supretail.com.hk。    

Kindly note that the online textbook ordering service for the Fall Term is available now. Students can click HERE (online ordering services until 17/10/2022) for textbooks order and payment other than buying the books directly at bookstore. Faculties and departmental colleagues concerned can also verify their adopted textbooks list HERE.  According to the current contract, the campus bookstore will operate until 31 October 2022.  As the tender exercise is underway, the University will appoint operator to manage adopted textbook and order collection service at campus designated venue for 3-4 weeks upon the commencement of semester in the future.  If required, faculties and departmental colleagues concerned may contact the same operator for matters of book adoption while the current Adopted Textbook Services System will keep operating.  Detailed arrangement will be announced soon.

  For inquiries, please call the bookstore at 2358-6400 or send email to cpust@supretail.com.hk.